Wednesday, May 6, 2009

At the end of the day

OK, so it's been a long day of slippy cups, butt wiping and chasing down the toddler and I can't wait for the arrival of my spouse so I can finally have some adult conversation and help. Then Jami walks in and immediately starts in on Ryleigh(our toddler), not what I had been waiting for at all. It's like, "Hello honey, I've been here all day without losing my temper and I do this 24/7, I don't get the escapes to work! You can't just come in here and be the bad guy 1st thing!" I'm thinking that Jami should be the good guy, because someone needs to be on Ryleigh's side at the end of a tough day and mommy has had it up to here! This isn't an everyday thing, but after speaking to other stay at home mommies it seems to happen to us all. Let's here some input from the person who stays home and the one that works.


  1. Oh yeah ! It seems like some days it's a miracle that I can hang on until Daddy gets home so I can have a break. Then, as soon as he comes in...he's losing his cool too! I understand that the working parent needs time to unwind...but come on....every once in a while would really help. I think the working parent tends to lose sight of the fact that a job is a break from the "job" of parenting all day and keeping your cool to boot.

  2. I totally agree! It is hard to be up to your ears in toddler all day long and just waiting for that break when my husband gets home. I don't think he realized how much work it was until I started working one day a week and he had to do the stay-at-home thing. I do have to say, though, that working one day a week made me realize that I just want to veg out a little when I get home so he is probably just the same way.