Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Work is NOT a vacation.

Getting up at the crack of dawn to fight traffic and be to the office by 8 is not a break. I'd love to sleep in until 10'o clock every day. I can't.
Being in the office 9, 10 sometimes 12 hours and dealing with the day to day BS is not a break. I'd love to spend a few hours a day doing nothing but watching TV. I can't.

All day... everyday I deal with hyped up deadlines, reports piling up, pissed off project managers making my life hell, our office sales manager yelling at people at the top of his lungs, and I am constantly spreading myself so thin I could rip at any moment just so that our department meets the unrealistic profit margin goals of our sales team... NONE of this is a break.
And then you throw on another hour to hour & a half drive home and if I'm lucky, I get to stop off and run errands on the way home too.

Work is not a break.

Working parents don't go off on a 14 hour vacation 5 days a week. If it was a break, stay at home moms would be kicking in doors to get these kinds of breaks right?


  1. No one said your work or any other working parents work was a vacation, but it is a break from the parenting job. I don't get a break of any sorts, my job is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I have had plenty of friends tell me that going back to work as stressful as it was for them was better than staying at home. I love that people who work have this impression of the stay at home mom of like....Peggy Bundy, like we all sit around eating Bon Bons, doing our nails and shopping. That is far from the truth for me. I wake up later than my spouse because I go to bed later than my spouse and I have our daughter on that schedule because 22 out of a 30 day month it is she and I for more than 40hrs a week and that's what works for us. Myself and other stay at home parents are grateful to our other halfs for the sacrifices they make, that wasn't the purpose of this blog.....the point was that I need help, we need help, this job never ends and is the most important job of all and sometimes we all need a little time off!

  2. You are is not a vacation. It is a "vacation" from kids. As frustrating as work can do get adult conversation and interaction. You also get to go to the bathroom by yourself. I get up at 4:30 everyday t dress myself and three other kids (well, the oldest can dress herself...I just need to approve or find missing socks, shoes, books etc). Then I cook for everyone...but me, make all the lunches , load everyone up and haul to school. I've had to check homework, sign papers, fill out permission slips etc. and it's not even 7AM. Then I get wash all the clothes- even the one's I didn't wear, wash all the dishes and scrub all the toilets. I also get to entertain the toddler and feed him, change him, play and try to teach him something along the way. He also fully expects me to spend at least part of the day being his playmate. Supervision is a must at all times and heading off meltdowns is a priority. He also needs assistance using the bathroom. The only TV I get to watch is on Nick and not really my thing. By now it is time to go wait at one school for 45 minutes so I can be first to pick up so I can make it across town to pick up the other one before they start charging me. I get to go to the grocery store and come home to fix dinner for everyone and then clean it all up after emptying the dishwasher.Then a few minutes of refereeing outside playtime, then baths and finally blessed bedtime ! Now that all the munchkins are in bed, I get to "work" on eBay. I finally find my way to bed around 10:30 to watch a few minutes of TV so I can get up and start it all over. Being a SAHM is not the picnic my husband thinks it is.
    That said, I think the point is we all need to walk a few steps in our partners shoes and take a few minutes to give each other a "break".

  3. What's this sleeping in till 9 or 10am? I want that job! Especially today when Alexa woke up for the day at 5:30am.