Monday, June 15, 2009

Geocaching with the family

So yesterday we decided to go geocaching. I had never been and I have to say it was a blast! I highly recommend this for people with children. It was great exercise, beautiful scenery we wouldn't have seen otherwise and a great alternative to buying a new toy or something for Ryleigh. We hiked for about 4-4 1/2 hrs about 4 miles and burned about 2,000 calories.....that's a bonus for us moms, right?
Our adventure started only a few miles from home, near a wooded area. We took our GPS, put in the coordinates and began our journey. We went to 5 locations and found 3, some had either been taken or the new vegetation had covered it so much so we couldn't locate them. The 1st location Ryleigh took "Bob's lucky worm" and we left Pez, we always leave Pez. The 3rd location, Ry took a sticker....and at our 4th she took a sticky gummy horse. It was like finding buried treasure for her. Also along our journey we discovered a frog pond with various stages of frogs, from tadpole to full grown. We had a butterfly net and were able to collect 3 different large tadpole, one large with back legs and tail, lastly one with both sets of leg who should be shedding his tail soon. So we now have "pet" tadpoles.
Posted below is a link about geocaching in case you might want to take your family for an adventure. We plan to make it our Sunday ritual now and even have plans to do it when we visit family.

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  1. Oooh that sounds like a lot of fun. And right up our alley too. I'll have to check out that link!