Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just an update

We haven't blogged in a while, been busy! We started family counseling to help with some issues with our 4yr old. We missed the terrible twos and had the horrible threes that has spilled into our fours. Since my daughter didn't pop out with a manual I thought before we have any major problems I would seek the help of a professional. I'm so glad I did! I really am enjoying it and looking forward every week! I'm not only learning new ways on how to deal with my child but I'm learning a lot about myself too. I learned I had to re-think how we had been doing things and start over again the right way. I had or we had been giving her to much access to all of her things. I know I had gone over bored with many toys, electronics, games, etc.... This started when I discovered the brain tumor, I went over bored and I also was try to make up for her father. I am smart enough to know "things" can't replace people, I just wanted her to enjoy the time she had with me. I wanted a toy store in my home so I could lock ourselves away from the world and it be us two until the end! Luckily that has been far longer than I had 1st thought but by now it had become a pattern. Long story short we had to take way all her toys, games and electronics. Now we have limits to not only what she can have but for how long! I think our biggest issue is that she misses home and having friends. I think once she starts school things will get better. Heck even our therapist said, "man, she really sucks you in and really fast, she knows how to work you" now that's coming from someone who just met her and is a trained professional. It also doesn't hurt she is so damn cute and knows it.....even he(therapist) said she was gorgeous. She has a really big personality, she is a bit of an actress and funny, man she is funny! Anyway, she was pissed the 1st few days, it was like having a full blown teenager who couldn't see her 1st love or something. There was screaming, doors slamming, tears and begging, it was bad. Almost a week later we are doing some what better. BTW, she has slept in her bed almost two weeks and Jami and I have been about to spend a lot more quality time. I didn't even feel like I was missing this time but since we've been doing it I actually enjoy it. We are now going on nightly family walks, for an hour to an hour and a half. We are also doing a game with her most nights. So that's whats going on and why we've not been blogging as much, we've been reconnecting as a family!

p.s..........We've decided to have Ryleigh take Jami's last name to before school starts, it will make things easier and help identify us easier(on paper) as a family! How exciting!!!


  1. This is a wonderful update! So thrilled that you are able to reconnect as a family and as a couple! YAY! Also great news that Ry will take Jami's last name! WOO HOO!

  2. So glad the counseling is helping! And that you & Jami have been able to have more quality time together. Its funny how you said you didn't think you missed it until you had the time again. Isn't that the truth? I am going through that exact feeling right now!

  3. Yes, now that we've had the time I actually find myself missing Jami more. I feel so blessed!