Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So our 4yr old got a cell phone........

So we just bought our 4yr old a glowphone by firefly. It's a child's phone, completely programed by parents with on 7 buttons for the child to use. There is a mom and dad key and a 5 way navigation key. 911 is also programed in. She can't just dial someone, it has to be programed in the phone. We paid 20.00 for the phone brand new on eBay and aside from the 9.99 a month, it's costing nothing else. She'll share our minutes and rollover. OK, the reasons we came to this decision:
1: My mom calls up to 6 times a day and 95% it's for Ryleigh(love ya mom)
2: She has her father's side of the family that we believe would call more if they could dial her directly.
3. She knows how to work my blackberry bold and Jami's 3G iPhone, and wants to play the games on them(her phone has games).

We will have BIG rules for such a BIG girl item. It stays in the same place at all times unless in use, you have to ask to use it, there will not be a replacement if it's broken by being out and out irresponsible.
So we thought we'd get your opinions, it's poll time again!

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